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White Cotton Fabric

SAYA Brand

offers a cotton products of ready-to-use for a life simple style. Rooted in  sustainable design, each products pay meticulous attention to selection of cotton fabric, materials,  quality, natural dyed and a superior colour palette that transcends time. The creative soul of the brand is visualised through original storytelling of hand woven cotton fabrics andcontemporary culture to create an experience beyond the expected. 

"Simply Meaningful Lao Product"

The Simplicity


Simple design products, made with love and consideration

  • SAYA selects 100% Natural cotton fabrics.

  • We works closely with local weavers in Laos on designing natural colours, selecting type of cottons and following up with fabric making process.

  • We transform the pure fabrics to the useful and high quality products.

  • By focusing on quality, we care on the details of products, including size, all materials and managed function.

SAYA came from Lao word “ ໄຊຍະ ”, which is the root of many Lao words that holds a good meaning. SAYA is also related to prosperity. Therefore, you will see most of Lao’s family name start with “Saya”.

SAYA brand started on November in 2018, we formed our team with Three people who have the same vision and strong passion on producing valuable Lao products.
We started designing and producing SAYA’s items with love by 3 of us with a small sewing machine at home. 


Improving the lives of local communities by empowering and supporting them on sustainable commercial opportunities. ​


We share with you the story of our fabrics from different parts of Laos, bringing out the simple uniqueness of each communities showcase in the patterns and colours of each item is our way of promoting the culture as well as becoming the voice for the people in these communities.

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